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Business strategy Tips & Tricks

Some business strategy tips about marketing , productivity, and customerservice ! You might find some of them to be very obvious tips, but this doesn’t mean is obvious for every business owner!
Let’s help small businesses to adapt in the new internet era, by giving them the obvious for us tips 😀


Continuing, Documenting, Blogging

  • Have a consistent present on social media, including a scheduled plan for your posts.
  • Document every interaction you see, negative or positive, and keep notes for yourself!
  • Start a blog, or make your blog on the social media platform that suits you the best, based on your type of company/product!

Marketing, Research, Promotion

  • Do your research about the new trends for your product. Is there anything new? How others do it?
  • Make a promo for your product or your company. Customers love promos! And you also have the chance to engage with more people than you believe!

Exhibitions, Meetings, Business cards

  • Take part on an exhibition! You might not believe it, but there is no industry without one! You learn what other companies do, learn about innovations, meet new people!
  • Make Business Cards! Even in this modern era we live, a business card is quite important and shows the leverage and professionalism of your product/business.


Project Management Tools

  • Find a way to organize effectively your work! An excel file or a doc file is not enough in 90% of the times!
  • There are multiple tools (free and not) to organize your work. The best way to choose, is to understand your pain points, and then search it on google!

Assignment, Delegation

  • Assign tasks to different people! All of us have felt, at least once, that we need to do everything by ourselves, but this is not healthy even for your business!
  • Learn how to delegate tasks to different people, by trusting them! Even if a mistake happens, this is life! You could have done this mistake by yourself!

Business Routine

  • Make a plan of what things you do every day. Routine might feel as a lazy way of doing things, but human minds are getting used to habits very easy!
  • After a week, your work is going to be much easier than you expect!

Customer Service

Customer Acquisition

  • Choose the customers that suits to your product! Customers are everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you need to accept everyone!
  • Find the ones that you know they will invest on your product, and keep moving forward!

Feedbacks, Surveys

  • Create feedback forms or surveys for your customers (or potential customers). Try to understand why they use your product, how they use it, what is missing, what they don’t like about.
  • Get a feedback from customers that decided to end their cooperation with you. With this step, you will understand what went wrong.

Know your customers

  • Know what your customer needs! This is not only for what you already know from a potential survey. Try to know more about their business, and how you can improve your product in a way that will also improve your customer’s business!